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Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Stephen Burke

Even the Daily Mail savaged Cameron for failing to get a laugh on this!

Willoughby Hart

It is said that Demosthanese was a very unlikley bet as an orator he had a bad stammer and a habit of raisihg his right shoulder as he spoke.
To correct these deficiences he practiced with a mouth full of pebbles (A single plum is now thought to do the trick).To learn not to jerck his shoulder upwards he had a sword positioned to give him a jab when he did it.

Perhaps in these modern days David could have an electronic gismo to give him a shock when he put his foot (along with the plum ) in his mouth ,but it would spoil the fun.

swatantra nandanwar

Demosthenes? Didn't he used to play left back for Athens United?
No seriously, its a sad day when the Classics become a laughing stock and a political football to be kicked around at will. If our dear leaders, on both sides of the House, were properly schooled in Greek and Roman history, perhaps then they might have a better understanding of the nature of the world and the foibles of mankind. As part of their induction new MP's should study Platos Republic and Caesar's Conquest of Gaul, and recite Marcus Aurelis's Maxim's, once a day.

Daniel Cremin

Lol I had to wiki it as well - quintessential example of just how disassociated from mainstream society Cameron's background is. I'm still unsure how effective the Cameron is an out of touch toff is going to prove as a Labour attack line, but this sort of thing does give me some hope!

Chris Baldwin

The leader of the opposition isn't meant to be down with the kids!!! I bet plenty of people don't know who Ernest Bevin was either, does that mean we shouldn't talk about him? We'll never build socialism with attitudes like that.

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