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Saturday, September 16, 2006


You seem obsessed with Incapacity Benefit and disabled people. What's your problem? Do you have a deep-seated hatred of disabled people SO MUCH in fact that you feel the needed to lie in the media about the levels of fraud in disability benefits? Was it not YOUR OWN PARTY THAT SAID "the levels of fraud in disability benefit was 'TINY'"?

The lie detector pilot scheme, can it be tested on you first? Your level of honesty and trustworthiness is questionable to say the least.

Come to our message board for Carers and talk to us, think of it as a challenge I can arrange a web chat at a days notice, instead of making snide remarks about disabled people come and talk to the CARERS of disabled people, the back-bone of this country AND THE MOST EXPLOITED.

I dare you to publish this in the spirit of honesty and openness

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