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Thursday, October 26, 2006


swatantra nandanwar

Sounds good to me. The trouble with LG has been the grindingly slow progress made and no one sngle figure who can be held accountable; it still smacks of the old committee system of faceless grey men/women, even though we have had reform into an Executive Cabinet and backbenchers.
The Mayoral system will give a much needed boost to local politics and engagement with the disillusioned punters out there. The added avantage is that The Mayor can call in his own team of advisors and Cabinet of experts, and not rely on elected members, who may not have the necessary skills and most often lack the vision.


Ruth Kelly, wittingly or unwittingly is playing right into the hands of labour opposition. The mayoral system is on the verge of collapsing into a quagmire, nationally. I would agree in empowering local people but giving Mayors like the one in Doncaster, (who coincidently is a patron of Progress),more power will further fuel referendums and the rejection of Labour Party Values. This system is not popular in my local area where 90% of the electorate want it scrapped. Give more power to Local Government you will alienate the voters. Having failed as Education Secretary, with reference to faith schools and academies, you are heading towards failure as a Communities Secretary, if this line of approach is continued. Why doesn't this Labour Government Listen and Learn.
Mayors may well be bullet proof until the next general election, but there will be a independent mayor in Doncaster, guaranteed whose intention I am I led to believe is to scrap the system.

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