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Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Its a lost cause Megg Munn; your idea of democracy is very different from the normal Iraqi citizen's. Western style democracy is quite alien to the Arab nations,
and cannot be imposed on them. What they respect is strong leadership and security from divisive forces. You don't get that in a reasoned democracy where opposition parties behave in a resonable resposible manner and talk instead of resorting to the gun to settle arguments.

Captain Spaulding

Yes it's worth listening carefully to Iraqi politicians and yes; of course, a functioning democracy is possible there. The problem is that Iraq is now in chaos and close to civil war with Sunni fighting against Shia, Shia factions fighting amongst each other, and so on. There is a limit to what the military can do if there isn't a defined enemy. General Dannatt recently expressed doubts about the whole enterprise, before he was told to shut up.

Anyway it's an illusion to think that Britain can act independently - it is and always has been America's war, and if the Americans decide to speed up their withdrawal then Britain will have to follow, regardless of what Barham Salih or Meg Munn think about it.

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