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Friday, October 06, 2006


Alan Scobbie

This show had my entire house of students groaning at how awful it is. And the rest of them hate Labour or other mainstream parties so it seems to have offended anyone with half a brain for its moronic premise.

You forget to mention the best political programme of the last decade that is surely the most realistic...The Thick of It!

Dan Fox

A fair point. But now we're talking comedy. Of course, the unsurpassed portrayal of poltiics on TV is Yes, Minister/Prime Minister.

On the drama side, I somehow managed to forget (god knows how) Alan Bleasdale's GBH (1991):

One of the best TV dramas ever produced, in any genre.

Andre van Zwieten

To see one is to know one. Zapping, being tired of all the trash on the Dutch TV channels I came across BBC's The Amazing Mrs Pritchard and immediately got stuck to it. This series has proven to be one of those rare TV-plays in which reality and fiction have been welded together into a tantalizing history. Writing this material must be a ball. I remember 'A Very British Coup', a British TV-series being brought on VPRO Dutch TV during the Thatcher years, in which a coalminer's son, Harry, who leaded the Socialist Party, made it to Downing Street. His unorthodox ideas about reigning Britain collided with the establishment in Whitehall and led to sabotage by his own staff, culminating in a very gloomy and suggestive end-shot of the City under siege.
Although 'Mrs Pritchard' seems to be staged as a far lesser threat to the British political system, imagening her political career being reality is at least as much amusing as enjoying the TV-show itself. Can't wait for the DVD or at least a season of shows on Dutch TV. Absolute Gold!

Malcolm Ross

It's Nov 2007 and we are just now seeing The Amazing Mrs. Pritchard on American Public Television. It is pretty groan-worthy. For me the most entertaining political series were Yes Minister and Yes Prime Minister. Witty, short and sharp to the core. Of course this year's movie, Queen, created an engaging and authentic seeming vignette of power, politics and tradition.

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