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Friday, December 15, 2006



Even stranger to hear Jonathan Aitken sticking up for the government on the Today programme this morning!

Convicted perjurers, corrupt businessmen and Saudi princes ... we're keeping great company ...

swatantra nandanwar

Ditch the corrupt Saudis, and the Israelis for that matter, and lets bring peace to the Middle East. The two of them are a greater treat to security than Al Quida.

jas weir

You have to admire Stan R being the lone survivor of the Blair fan club, but did he expect Kirsty to give Tone a New Year hug? He has a problem dodging the bullets in Basra and the Bizzies back home, but is the Bee Gees pool really the answer? The obcene Saddam trial/hanging is probably an appropriate end to a gruesome year!Re "bribing" either we are bringing democracy (honesty? or US style capitalism?) to the Arab world or we're happy with the good old backsheesh?

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