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Friday, March 30, 2007


Dr George M.P. Bailey

Stan I am not surprised that the BBC has operated in this way.

It has always been, and always will be, a law unto itself as long as the public purse foots all its extravagance.

I can remember in days gone by, when political programming on the BBC was second to none; because as you rightly point out, all those who had an argument were given the opportunity in any given broadcast, to articulate it!

On the basis of what you write one may draw the conclusion that the BBC's facade and myth of 'the unbiased broadcaster' has been shattered at last. After all, it has always been seen as a mouthpiece of the state.

One must wonder why it suddenly changed its tune. Which undemocratic group or individual is unduly influencing programme editors etc?

I would not hold your breath for the BBC to be sorted out though after all is it not the case that whoever controls the BBC controls the propaganda message, and in turn controls the people's views etc?

Global warning; if you do not change the BBC for the good of all and not just the few now; we will risk wasting many more millions and cause a catastrophic rise in hot air, and yet more no substance programmes!

In anticipation.


Richard Carey

Aw! Has the BBC departed from the script? Don't worry, 99% of their output supports leftwing ideology in general. Now, if you can just ensure Peter Hitchens doesn't get invited on "Question Time" once every six months, your task will be complete.

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