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Wednesday, October 10, 2007



Hilarious, I laughed until my sides ached. Can't you see the joke?

It's in the tradition of 'Hitler has only got one ball'

Stan Rosenthal

No, resistor, I don't see the joke. Your sense of humour is more in the tradition of those who laugh at a cripple's crutch being kicked away!


Stan, I know it's a year late but I hadn't read your article until now. How apt now that the overpaid and under-talented Ross & Brand have shown their true, unfunny colours.

I agree with you entirely.

And yet how much support have you had here from Labour party readers?

Is maturity lacking completely these days even within Labour? Or is it only such as you and I, who are not ashamed to say we are/were big Blair supporters who have the necessary judgement to speak out against this immature rudeness and coarseness?

And the worst thing about the Mock The Week skit - it isn't even funny!

I'm sure it's not all about the youngsters who seem to enjoy this stuff being 20-somethings and so just lacking sophistication or being slow-maturing revolting teenagers. My children would rather sit down and watch humour from two or three or even four decades ago than much of today's junk. Well, most of them anyway.

And at Christmas the whole country will watch for the umpteenth time, Morecambe & Wise, Dad's Army, the Vicar of Dibley & the like.

The difference? The 'oldies but goodies' understood harmless fun.

It doesn't offend, isn't lewd, was written by intelligent and gifted writers and makes fun of itself.

Oh, and it's funny.

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