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Friday, April 04, 2008



This from a bloke who sent our young to die in a war which was a lie, nothing knew then from Progress.


would have liked to hear what he had to say about "rich passing thru the eye of the needle etc". Like many other trains of thought TB seems to find it difficult to grasp the essential beliefs of socialism and Christianity-all men are equal, poor have priority, peace unto all......Of course these have to be interpreted in a modern context but not forgotten.

Stan Rosenthal

Those concerned about peace for all should direct their fire at religious fundamentalists who blow up innocent civilians in the name of Allah, not at the man who is trying to empower the moderates to resist such extremism.

Carole Wilmot

Any phenomenon, good or bad, if used and interpreted in a humane way can be a force for good. This in itself does not justify the continuing promotion of religious beliefs based upon fundamental mistruths. I would include all the Abrahamic religions in this statement. A humanity based on secularism is just as viable and less threatened by vested interests

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