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Monday, April 28, 2008



You have to ask your self why is this happening, people I know who have been Labour for years and years, many old time miners some people who you would swear are Labour are now turning to other parties like UKIP or the BNP and you have to say why.

To some degree it's because the Tories and Labour have failed. In my area the big problem is housing last month a large local paper stated with photo's immigrants living in sheds and a shanty town being built on waste ground, people say this is not right, the council then housed these people, they just housed them, yet we have a four year waiting list for a council house, so the moral live in a shanty town to get a house, all the people were immigrants.

Labour says immigrants are needed so are houses if the infrastructure breaks down people will always look at who is getting housed and why, we found that people from Poland are being houses according to the rules, so the rules are wrong, how can somebody coming here for a week be housed over somebody who was born here just because they bring kids.

I myself have though hard about voting for UKIP sadly I think they are the other side of the BNP.

But I agree with people who say Labours nothing to offer the poor anymore or anyone who earns less then £50,000.

I will not be voting at the elections.

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