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Wednesday, May 07, 2008



I'm passionately in favour of choice on abortion but disagree with your view that this is no place for politics. Access to abortion is as much a political issue as access to any other form of healthcare. If it's recognised that there is a role for political parties in deciding how, where, when and at what cost people can access broader health services why not abortion? It's no doubt a measure of concern that pro-choice supporters don't want to 'politicise' this issue for fear of losing a vote on the matter. But it's only through active campaigning and political action that any positive moves towards improving women's access are established. It may be a matter of conscience for individual women whether or not to have an abortion, but the state has a duty to ensure that this choice is available. I feel it is shameful that progressive politicians and parties are able to stand back on this issue and not take a political view on access to this vital healthcare provision.

Mike Ion


My point was that I do not think making a major party political issue (as in the US) would be a good idea. Down that road you will find the sad towns of despair and despondency - often populated by the reactionary and the bigoted.


never understood the LP atitude to abortion? Either we are against capital punishment, illegal wars and other gratuitous killing including the unborn or we're in an illogical mess? Also we shoud be on the side of the weak and defenceless not idly ignoring the mounting tide of abortions? Of course there are "hard cases" and desperate situations but not in the numbers we see now in a relatively prosperous country. Feminists may scream and rage but it has nothing to do with anyone's "right to choose" when the odds are stacked against one party.

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