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Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Stephen Farrington

The difference is that the Labour lead a year ago was bounce caused by Gordon Brown's honeymoon period. The trend has been downhill since 2005, only now is that truth revealing itself having been disguised by Mr Brown's bounce. The Conservatives have consistently occupied the lead for a long time; Labour's lead was a little holiday.

We have more to do than simply ride out the sub-prime crisis, fire a few "PR men" (ever popular scapegoats) and allow Mr Brown to be spectacular. There is a deep antipathy towards Labour at the moment and without major chance things will get worse.


Just watched Brown to day talking about the global economy, he was doing his walking bit again, he was walking back and for so fast the cameraman gave up.

I watched Cameron to day talking and whether you agree or not he is slick, he is Blair.

You have one bloke telling us it's full steam ahead into a nightmare, the other offering the swing voters a choice, stay with Brown and a crash or come back to us and win, and I bet I know which they will do.

As for me a disabled bloke it makes no difference who wins I will be stuffed either way.

But right now I'd say the Tories have it hands down.

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