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Monday, September 15, 2008



Brown comes to power by fixing the election so he is the only one standing, now he moans about people trying to do the same by having a Democratic vote to have somebody else elected.

Boy it's funny if not sad.


"Labour needs a leadership debate like a hole in the head."

Horribly true. However Labour has a permanent leadership debate until a leadership election clears the air. The rebels are right to call for one.

The more we see of the competition, the more likely it looks that Gordon Brown will see off any challenger. Once he does, he will be seen as a different and much stronger sort of leader.

SJ, London

Absolutely spot on Stan.

Meanwhile is linking to a story this morning of a letter from a country-wide group of Labour council leaders in support of the PM.

The self-obsessed need a lesson or two I think in working out their priorities.

Stan Rosenthal

Diversity, one swallow does not a summer make. Nor do the twitterings of a few puffed-up malcontents constitute a leadership debate that urgently needs to be resolved.

The urgent need now is to unite behind our existing leader, if only to avoid digging ourselves into an even bigger hole than the one we're in. And I say that as someone from the Blairite wing of the party.

While I'm on the subject of party unity/loyalty, what on earth were those Labour ministers doing, dishing the dirt on the last cabinet meeting? They no doubt have the apellation, Right Honourable, attached to their names. In their case "Right DIShonourable" would be more appropriate!


Now Brown knows what it feels like.

But worse is the idea that some how brown will now come out and save the Labour, with his great idea or policies, or is it he lining up another surprise after his meeting with Thatcher this week, yes she is joining Labour, not thats she know about it mind you, she is talking advice first from Dennis.

eric joyce

Stan, you share a name with a great artist. Unless you are the same man! The idea of the letter was simply to say that a progressives we need to keep moving forward and, 28 points behind in the polls, that's never been more true than now. We can still win a fourth term, but it's vital that we have a clear and understandable story about what how we're going to get there and what we'll do with another term. Surely constructive discussion is a good thing. After all, you're taking part in it now. best


Stan Rosenthal

Eric, constructive discussion about the way forward is one thing, knifing your leader in the back at a time of national crisis is something else altogether (even if he may have been guilty of the same act himself). In this connection I was glad to see your call for party unity after those mischievious rumours about your impending resignation.

PS I'm not the artist, I'm afraid, although I am familiar with his works.

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