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Monday, March 02, 2009


Guido Fawkes

Oh yeah, shove it where, baby?

But seriously, what people say in the comments and what I write are two different things.

I don't use profanity, misogyny or racism. Moaning about loonies in the comments of rival high traffic blog is not really going to get you anywhere.

Content is king.

Adam Bienkov

Hello Jessica. I assume you're referring to the answer I gave to your question at the conference. I muddled my words a bit, but what I was trying to say was that the only way to make blogs more appealing to women is simply for more women to blog.

Unfortunately like anyone else, you're going to get abuse, but the only way to deal with that is to engage with the constructive comments and ignore the idiots. In that sense, you do (and always will) need a thick skin, and that applies to both sexes. It's not just women who get put off taking part by abusive comments. Many men do as well.

Of course you're right that you shouldn't have to put up with 'vicious, misogynistic, perverted' comments but the more women shy away from taking part in blogging, the more those kinds of commenters are able to own the space. Conversely the more reasonable people take part in blogging, the more it becomes a reasonable place to be. That was what I meant when I said that you have 'to take the hit' but I realise that I may not have expressed my point very well.

Samuel Dada

Hello Jessica, e-campaigning is a an addition to the old way of communicating messages, but I don't still see it as a substitution to door-to-door communicating with real people.
Guido!! Too convidence of the conservative strategies. I don't see their strategies as treat. All labour needs to do now is stard sending messages of what Labour is doing to help people lossing their jobs, people looking for job getting job and help to get back to work. Message of what Labour new plan of action. As I said in the confrence, Labour need to rebrand themself. Not changing name as I said but new vission, forward looking programmes.

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